The group get together to discuss some of their thoughts and concerns around environmental matters. These include the health of the ocean environment from fishes to whales, pollution, the nature of water and the need to consider natural systems and the study thereof in a holistic rather than linear manner.

Jackie expresses her concern around over-fishing and poaching along the South African coastline. Fishing should be policed in order to prevent fishers from not adhering to the law, for example taking out lobsters that are too small. One possible solution would be to have volunteers to do checking.

The whales are essential for phyto-plankton, which are dying off. The sea is absorbing heat from the atmosphere and nutrients can’t come up from below to support the phyto-plankton. Whales take nutrients up to the surface as they rise from the deep.

One component of bio-dynamic farming is to create vortices in water in order to change its molecular structure and create “living water”. Another way of purifying water is to pass it through a magnetic field. Radio frequencies and sound can also be used. In some eastern cultures they sing or hum to the water, which is using G-frequencies, a key of frequencies not just notes. The music of the molecule.

All nature is dynamic, even minerals. Things are in various levels of equilibrium. The most dynamic things are the fluids such as water, which can be denatured as much as it can be vitalised.

There is massive pollution in the sea at Noordhoek. That affects the quality of the water because the water molecules will interact with the other molecules and resonate at a different frequency.

The structure of water. Carbon transforms into different substances. We are not looking at things holistically and the interconnectedness of things because we tend to focus on the small scale. We need to adopt a more holistic conception of our environment and our society. The problem is considering things in a linear manner.

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