Roger continues the Groundwater explanation explaining the impact of humans into the normal water cycle and how the pollutants ( like a kind of dye) keep being added to the water so that there is  Jason Sole interrupts the shoot to bring news of the results of water and soil samples that have been analysed showing high levels of toxins banned in other countries or l prevalent in the ground from the days of DDT.

Nature has a means of moving things around, the soil of North Africa blows across to South America to nourish the Amazon forest vegetation.

Fracking pumps a mixture of sand, water and toxins into the rock, it uses a lot of water and therefore creates a double pollution.

Population increases during David Attenboroughs lifetime from 2 billion to 7 billion . It is this population growth which is driving the environmental destruction.

Famine 900 000 people seriously starving during the great famines.  There is a repeating scenario of food insecurity. Aquifers have been bled by windmill pumps initially to feed the planet and many of them are now globe.

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