In this video, Heidi Du Preez speaks about wholesome nutrition. She first brings things into balance. Her philosophy is that she has realised that we so strive for one aspect of life and neglect a lot of others, even in nutrition. We’ll focus on being vegetarian or raw food… Or this or that, but for her, her mantra and philosophy are about balance. We try to be perfect in one sphere of life, but it’s more to find that perfect balance, between all sphere’s of life. We either over exercise or we work very hard, ambitiously in our job. But it’s a balance of trying to be the perfect mother or husband. We need to find the balance in nutrition. And if we look at a healing philosophy, it’s very simple, but it comes extremely complicated. But the simple thing is what we need to give our body to heal and what we need to take away that’s causing harm, and it’s just that simple aspect where she builds her philosophy and how to treat. If we focus on what to give our system, that is nutrition. That is the food and building blocks we put in our systems, so we will first focus on what we put in our systems. Why do we eat? There must be a reason for us to eat. Energy. To stay healthy. It tastes good. Comfort eating. Social events. There are all these reasons why we eat, but we eat for energy. Food is there to sustain us. If we feel low in energy and low in Spirit, we crave that something. Typically, we will eat a chocolate, because that will convert to glucose and be converted to energy, and will lift our spirits a little bit.

But we have to realise that we are millions and billions of cells…

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