Video Introduction:  “John Turner, one of the top Permaculture experts in the world, is about to take the team into some astonishing revelations about growing food by paying close attention to how nature intends plants to be. It is the first of a whole series of permaculture lessons. This is because permaculture is an essential skill for a team that is finding alternatives to the damaging systems that are destroying our future.  Permaculture or biological organic farming is the alternative to currently one of the most environmentally damaging processes on earth, commercial farming.”

John gives us an introduction to permaculture:

In brief what permaculture is about, are three fundamental purposes. The first is care for the earth and the environment. The second is to care for people which John considers to be all life forms. The third is to recycle all surplus. It is also complicated at the same time. Considering caring for people, which in itself is challenging, even nurturing our own families.

He introduces permaculture historically. How Bill Mollison, and some of his well-traveled friends, put together good sense and went around the world looking at societies that were able to sustain themselves and noting what they saw. He tells us about pattern literacy, which is about looking around us and taking note of what is happening around us… Being sensitive and conscious of how things are actually. He discusses how left brain thinking overlooks pattern literacy, and how much more right brain thinking is beneficial in understanding the environment we live in.

The team then direct their attention to the first permaculture garden at Monkey Valley. He goes into the miraculous process of how legumes (of which the bean family forms part of) convert atmospheric nitrogen from the air into nitrogen that is released into the soil through the roots of legumes.

We hope you enjoy watching the video!


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