DAY 12 – WASTE 1

Liam: Today we are in the False Bay area, at the dump, and as you can see behind me with all the trucks coming through that there is a large magnitude of waste just in this area, which is probably the biggest thing for me. There are these landfill sites all over the Western Cape and South Africa and not just here. Just here we are bringing in hundreds of trucks in one day and it is happening every single day, that we are bringing in this much waste. It’s not surprising, it’s shocking and devastating. It’s a big shock to see this much coming in and daily as well. It’s ridiculous and it’s not just the Western Cape. All over the world, this is happening, and like Bululani said, a lot of the materials and things they are wasting here are recyclable as well as compostable and organic. They can be used instead of being dumped like this. So yes, there is a lot to be done to stop this or reduce the amount that is coming in every day.

Bululani: It is amazing, the level of waste. I’m looking forward to the day when we are going to have discussions with the officials, just to find out how many times they receive per day and a month, thereafter we will know what possible solutions we can come up with.

Jacky: So we are here at Coastal Park landfill site. We were hoping to go in, but they blocked us filming. We need permits. So that just basically tells us that there is something not quite right going on, because if they were doing recycling or doing the right thing, we wouldn’t be stopped and questioned as to what we are doing, so that’s one of the things we do need to look more into…

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