Judy: One of the things we have to know a lot about because in the end it’s the carbon cycle and the water cycle that’s are the base of every single bit of understanding of what’s going on and what we can do to change it. And in actual fact because I am a teacher of many subjects; geography, maths, science, a whole lot of subjects, I’ve always thought that I knew a lot about what’s happening, and I should have know better. But one thing I discovered, is that when I read the book, “5000 Days to Save the Planet”, which is why it is one of the books you have got as part of this course, it just put it all together for me. It showed me that all the aspects of it began to relate, but the most sinister thing that I saw from that book was the huge impact of what was happening in the Carbon Cycle.

In 2007, shocked by what I had just seen while filming at the climate change conference in Bali, I made a film called, Count Down to Armageddon”.

This extract is the carbon cycle as I tried to explain what we were doing to our planet:

3.9 Billion years ago, the sun was about 25%  cooler than it is today but the earth was a lot hotter. Too hot in fact for there to be life on earth. This was because the levels of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere might have been as much as 70%. In the period of 3.9 billion to 250 million years ago, blue-green algae and other micro plants developed in the sea. Using sunlight and water, these took carbon dioxide and turned it into a carbohydrate of its own body. From being a gas, carbon dioxide now became part of a carbon compound…

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