Judy: “Basically we talked to you the other day and you told us about Norman Duetsh. Can you talk to us about Normal Deutsch?”

Megan: “Norman Deutsch is a Neurologist. He’s gone around the world looking for information about people who cured themselves, or scientists who have cured their families because someone in the family may have Parkinson’s or whatever, so they divert their interests and try ways of fixing or curing or helping those people. So he has all these people, sometimes lay people and sometimes scientists, who have worked out ways of fixing people’s problems which aren’t dealt with by medical science at the moment.

The one that comes to mind immediately is a stroke. Stroke victims are given a minimal amount of rehabilitation and sent home by their doctors to make good with what they have, and told that they probably won’t improve much more than they are, but there are people who have proved out there that you can you can change the whole thing. You can learn to walk again, learn to talk again, do all those things and there are various ways of doing it. There’s not just one way. One scientist would perhaps deal with music and another one would deal with electric pulses to the brain and another one would deal with slow movement and precision movement, building up the brain again.

It’s all about brain plasticity. Brain plasticity was something that was ignored. It’s something that we’ve known about hundred’s of years ago but was ignored by medical science, and it has only just come back in. They actually haven’t yet acknowledged it totally and you are still left in the dark if you go to a doctor and you have brain damage or whatever, but there are many ways to cure…




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