Judy: We’ve been filming now for approximately 12 days and it’s been a wonderful journey for me personally, even though I selected some of the presenters that I wanted the team to see. I myself have so often been mindblown and I’ve learnt so much and I’m sure many of them have to, but one of the interesting things has been watching effect of taking 3 people who were minding their own business, doing their own things in the different walks of life, and now they come into this strange set of information that is being presented to them and watching how they react to what they see.

At first, of course, they were a lot in overload, and in actual fact, all of us felt like that and there has been a fair amount of exhaustion that’s been apparent because we film very intensively, but I think one of the most interesting things has been to see at what point people catch fire and see that they can start to do something about this. For a long time, the team said, “Oh it was interesting” after we had done a particular sector, but what now they are beginning to do, is to start talking like people who are going to do something about it. And each of them chose, because they are different personalities, they are beginning to choose different types of ways of doing something about it, and even Liam who doesn’t say much a lot, he’s beginning to start saying that we need to have more information about things. In fact, one of the things we are filming next week, which is the whole investigation into Hemp, is due to his having mentioned that. We need to actually look into those things. And then you have people like Bululani…

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