Life’s Principles

We’re going to get to know these principles in two ways. We are going to start by getting to know them and how we apply them in the design world and then we’re going to see them in nature so we get more insight as we see them in practice later so that you get it reinforced in different ways. When you have the combination of human design and nature, human design and nature. What do we know about biomimicry? It is a practice. So you do this more and more and more and it just gets reinforced over and over again until it becomes second nature. Like when you learn to drive a car, first days are quite difficult, and now you can drive a car while eating a hamburger and talking on the phone at the same time. Yes the first time we get stuck in the gears as we try and make modularity fit with feedback loops, but once you get used to it you can eat a hamburger and talk on the phone while doing life principles. I have put some lego in front of you because I said the starting point is modularity and lego is modular. When you get to know things, people get to know things by writing, other people by listening, other people by reading and other people by touching and feeling. Pick up some lego and try to think about that if it is modular then of course it can be broken down and used again. I’ll give you a chance when I pause to pick up a module. Tomorrow morning you get a chance to use the Lego more intricately if you have a project that needs that or otherwise. That is why the Lego is in front of you…

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