Resilient – Distributed Diverse Duplicates

Student interations:

“Take solar panels for example. A lot of people are using solar panels, but what happens when those break down. Are they green friendly or life friendly?”

“A solid base is always good, being able to add on and change as you grow. I think that’s the thing that stood out the most for me from this. And that works with self organisation, because as you are adding onto the modules you can organise them as you like, and change it as you like to allow it to adapt.”

“There might only be goals of short term gain in mind when they are making things so it doesn’t affect the way of creating and organising their manufacturisation.”

“We just physically don’t give the inventions that we have; the intelligence. It sounds like a deep thing to say. DNA is the structure but it is also just binary, for code to code. If we manage to design things by telling the thing we are designing and what it is meant to be doing, it would be so much better than physically designing it, that we have to adapt to every time.”

“Proteins are very important. In development, proteins are very important. When you want to develop drugs, with certain inhibitory effects, you start of by looking at the very smallest parts, the structures of the proteins, and when you want to integrate that to optimize the protein to be the antagonist, you have to consider the modular, the smallest pieces, what their individual functions are in the protein as an entire structure. So for me, building from the bottom up, if I look at it from a protein context, I would say the building blocks of proteins are very important to understand, because they are organised in such a way that they will either fulfill that function… “

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