Day 16 of the University of Earth series. We’ve just been interviewing Tony Buddens, and right nearby him is an area of extreme poverty. We decided to visit it because it is part of our journey in trying to work out what to do about the amount of poverty that exists in the world today because every affluent society has at it heals always, this looming, larger and larger mass who are not making it in the existing economic system.

Suzette: The young people are still at home. They are looking for a job but they can’t find a job. They only give us some forms to fill in, but they don’t give us answers back.

Judy: So what do you think would change that? What’s wrong?

Suzette: Unemployment.

Judy: If you didn’t have to have money to to get food and get a house would you still need employment?

Suzette: Yes.

Judy: Why?

Suzette: Because I have kids who must eat.

Judy: But if you had the food and didn’t need to work for it?

Suzette: No, I must have to work for it because what am I going to eat.

Judy: But what happens if you could go to a restaurant for free or go and get food for free. Would that be better or worse?

Suzette: It’s going to be worse because then I’m going everytime and everytime and everytime because I’m going to make a habit of it, because there is no money.

Judy: So do you think money is essential to do everything?

Suzette: Especially here in Westlake it is.

Judy: Any other ideas you’ve got that should change anything about, whether, anything about the way people are treated, any other thing you’d like to see changed?

Suzette: The criminal in Westlake is very high, so they must just try to get rid of that…




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