Claudia Klein, a Cape Town transitional hypnotherapist says that nobody really gets hypnotised by others. We have an innate ability to hypnotise ourselves and a hypnotherapist basically leads us to understand how to do this. To some extent brands, religion, politics are all part of it.

Although hypnotism is normally used for stopping smoking or losing weight, she was led into becoming a hypnotherapist because of her gynecologist using hypnotism to prevent her having pain during childbirth.

Though most believe that the world is a cruel hard world, all things actually wish each other well. We are electromagnetic fields and every thought or feeling has a vibration that has an effect on everything around.

Our duty is to adjust ourselves always to be on track and not fear. Quantum physics has proved that we are all connected.

You need to have love for your neighbor, for the food you eat, etc. but all starts with loving yourself.

First, you need to lose fear. To lose control.

Hypnotherapy can be explained in a scientific way but is between esoteric as well. Biochemical processes, neural pathways, how the mind responds. But what is mind? Wha6 is consciousness? No surgeon will find the mind in you.

Sleep – we go into alpha stage brain waves and then we become unconscious. Our mind functions while we are asleep so we can wake up when in danger.

In the point of deep unconsciousness, where is the location of the mind? Is it I the brain.

Can divide the mind into the conscious and subconscious. The function of hypnosis is bypassing the critical faculty. The critical faculty does not exist in children for example. Is the ego in the way while we are hypnotised. We can manifest what we want but the conscious critical faculty tells you that you can’t.

The soul part, the unconscious does not have the limitation of the critical part. We all believe that there is a ceiling to what we can do but we are held back by the beliefs that have been imprinted on us by conditioning and our society.

The pharmaceutical industry would not have any interest in us being able to use our minds to heal ourselves.

At gatherings, people reaffirm negative thoughts by finding others who fell the same.

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