People in the rural area think that the promises made by chemical companies about whiter teeth, softer hair and think that because the ads about it are on TV that they must be checked by the authorities and safe to use. They do not realize that most of these toiletries wash off their bodies and affect the fish and the people who are drinking the water contaminated by what came off their bodies lower down the river.

One has to be so conscious about what we do. You don’t want to get skin cancer from unprotected skin yet the toxic suntan; lotion is also carcinogenic.For example, suntan lotion is the most toxic of all the creams and if you go into a river with suntan lotion, it comes off and kills the fish and frogs. The toxic load does not take into consideration the build-up that our bodies accumulate. The earth is the same. \the toxic overload for the Earth is too much.

For years everyone ate brightly colored Smarties before they found that the colorants were totally toxic especially blue.

Deodorants and Antiperspirants are very dangerous as they use aluminum which is toxic and also is absorbed by the body. The nearest storage place would be the breasts and therefore may be responsible for the increase in breast cancer.

Johnson and Johnson did not withdraw it from their shelves until it was proved that someone had got cancer as a result of it.Instead of withdrawing it, Johnson and Johnson said they would take out 5% of the toxic ingredients by 2020.

They are often not obliged to reveal exactly what is in the substances because it is their intellectual property. AVOID anything which says fragrances. The perfume market which is worth billions yet they contain a lot of endocrine disrupters and neurotoxins and people pay a fortune for them. They use whale oil and this is another reason that the whales are dying off just for people to have ambergris to carry their fragrances.

Always look at what is in any substance you want to use. Most do not even test because they are not required to

The petroleum jelly and laurel sulfate that they are putting in baby’s products is shocking. Margie uses crystal rocks.

The use of suntan lotion is also preventing the skin getting the vital vitamin D from exposure to the sun. The suntan lotion prevents us leaving the sun when we should. Meanwhile, the ray that the sun does not protect from is causing a huge increase in skin cancers.

The effects of many of the poisons in suntan lotion are so damaging; eg the titanium dioxide ( white stuff) is absorbed by the body and is endocrine disruptive.

Always look to see that there are no phosphates.

Instead of using hectic stove cleaners and drain blockers use bicarbonate of soda and vinegar. It works very fast It is natural and biodegradable.

Who is going to take these bad chemical companies to court? They have the money to fight back.

Chlorine in swimming pools also affects the body.

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