Today the theme is how to plant a fruit tree. Permaculture involves careful planning and thinking ahead, as well as utilizing all the materials that you have at hand. Fruit has been part of people’s foraging for millennia.

Fruit trees are long-term growers. It takes five years to get a fruit tree from bud to when it is ready to plant. So growing a fruit tree is something that will benefit future generations. You have to look at your site to determine what plants will grow where. Each plant will have its own quirks depending on how much water and sunlight it requires and at which times of day.

You are not just dealing with one fruit tree but with a community of plants around it. You are dealing with different time frames, cycles of years and seasons. Grasses undermine the growth of a tree. Compost is another factor to supplement the vegetable matter in the soil. Worm compost is ideal. The more you invest in preparation, the more likely you are to benefit from your fruit trees.

When digging a hole to plant the tree you can use the earth that is removed to build a basin to catch rain runoff from a slope. This is the permaculture way of using what you have and thinking ahead to plan your design.

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