In a column of water you will find sediments at the bottom and large amounts of algae manynof which are toxic. Algae that occurs naturally is accommodated by nature. Algae that is produced as a result of the poisons and chemicals in the water becomes the highy lethal blue green algae.

We seems to carry on oblivious of the levels of poison in our water. It affects everything in the water and around the water. We are continually having to try and clean the water with chemicals that often makes the discharge from the water cleaning systems another problem.

Constant level of increase of toxins at any time being put into rivers.There are some nasties that once they are in the water, they never go.e.g. Giardia , Kooi herpes. Only if the water goes over 37 degrees in which case evberytghing else would also die.

At estuary mouths there is almost always a very large city which uses up water and throws more

Farmers are hard to move when it comes to anything and tend to want to use the same methods as their fathers. However, there is a move now away from fertiliser mostly caused by the increasing cost of fertiliser There are an increasing number of farmers using microbial means of fertisation .

Governments are for the most part not taking the initiative and leaving it to the farmers.

One must not forget that one is also using water when you buy and consume things that take a lot of water to make. In this country it is our electricity and there is an insatiable . The meat that is imported into the Arab countries is actually importing water because so much water has gone ionto growing the crops that fed the battery farmed animals that become the meat.

If we don’t do something about the amount of poisons and chemicals that we put into the water. We will all be poisoned.

People do not take into consideration the 10 or25 year flood lines. As the climate becomes more and more volatile the impact of this lack of thought will be more severe.

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