The city refuse is washed into the drains and empties out into the areas which are vleis and it affects the hydrology.

The water table daylights in areas where the water table is close to the surface. The enghineers with their stormwater plans idea is to get the water out of the city into the sea and then the department of nature conservation which can use the water. This department says hang on this is our precious water. Why are they not using the water for the people on the edge of the rivers to grow food, taking the nutrients out of the water of the river to grow food but the water department wants to put it into a water treatment plant.

Thousands of liters of semi treated water is oozing into the sand dunes and into the groundwater. The water birds move around mostly at night because there are too many people around during the day. This area is now a RAMSA site ( a convention to protect the world’s wetlands) they ahd to cvhasnge the requirements to protect even water treatment area ponds because the birds need each wetland when they migrate. If you break one of the wetlands you kill the entire migration.

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