This episode of University of the earth sees another wonderful trip into our ever more interesting African bush. This time we have a special focus however. The team are traveling along the elephant’s river. This permaculture adventure will be full of surprises and should get your organic brain working.


The river is the main artery flowing through the Kruger national park. Having slept with elephants roaming just outside the team was well slept and ready for adventure. With the Drakensburg Mountains visible through the trees, this team full of students and the team were ready for the beautiful


For this investigation we are joined by five students. Three students have come to investigate the quality of South African water and two to study the African eco-systems all of the students are from Holland. What a wonderful way to teach students on an internship by immersing themselves in one of the world’s few untouched natural spectacles.


The study into the waters will be inhibited by the fact that the water is very brown and sadly it will prevent some more in depth studies moreover there will be a higher likelihood of predators like crocodiles lurking beneath the murky waters. Never the less this episode sees the team studying the beautiful terrestrial ecology that this arid part of Africa has to offer.


Make sure you tune it to watch this fabulous team really get to grips with the scientific chemistry that can be studied from the fruits of the terrain. With stool, water and blood being the main study points, this pack of clever young students are in for a treat. If you’re learning about chemistry, wetlands or anything in-between then be sure not to miss this episode.


By Alex Mitchison

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