We’d been shooting for 5 days on the University of Earth Reality series. Now it came to summarise. Where we were getting to. How far have we got, was beginning to emerge. John Turner took the lead.

What has emerged from our discussions on various meetings, presentations and visits that happened during the week, preceding today, was a talk of consolidating some of the lessons that we’ve received during our journey so far. There is a chance and what I think is the more effective way of training programs, is being a tremendous amount of dialogue, and it is out of the dialogue between the participants, that the real value of that particular training session emerged. So that’s part of the design of a group like this, and I have put, as a synopsis of what we started with last week, is this fundamental pattern of the relationship between the people and the planet.

So we’ve started exploring what some people would call dialectic – this interrelationship, and from this, we’re going to build up the streams of our explanation, and that’s part of the idea of today’s discussion, is to start highlighting some of the issues that have emerged in our journey so far.

Of the people, there is going to be a component later today of our introduction, and one of the traditions in many of our courses, is we would sit down and pause early in the morning, and one of the exercises for example, is that Bululani would have the task of introducing something about Jacky here. And Treasure here would be responsible for saying something on Liam and vice versa.

I think this is well worth emphasizing, is something I tried in my beginnings to try and get people interested in permaculture, is it begins with people…

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