How do we keep animals in a way that is humane and good for the planet?

I’ve had a lot of experience way back with industrial dairy cows and livestock and so on. I can absolutely see the difference in the livestock between what I was experienced there and what are we doing here. There is a big impact in terms of the well beings of the animal and I think it is difficult to gauge in terms of the impact on the planet because the drought is putting a layer on it that doesn’t look good, because we have to deal with the drought too.

The way in which the cattle are treated makes them very calm and very contented, but it’s just the feed that they are being fed at the moment is not being produced by the land which is not sustainable for them.

They are not certified biodynamic, so they have an acute different approach to the biodynamic association and they are not willing to put apprentices on a farm that they don’t consider to be biodynamic. They say that if you aren’t certified then you are not biodynamic. We are saying that our interpretation is not that narrow, because for us it’s really about what is the farmers own spiritual journey, and if that is inspired by anthroposophy and you’re making it your life’s work to develop your own understanding around that.

I came across biodynamic farming in New Zealand, because I’m passionate about cows. I saw the cows on this biodynamic farm I knew there was something different. So I started investigating it and I was told, that if you want to find out about dynamics you have to study Alfred Steiner’s work, which I then proceeded to do and I was very forward to be mentored by one of the founders of biodynamics.

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