The lambs get tattoed in their ear from stock theft and legal purposes but that’s the only intervention. For stud cattle that option is also allowed. The lambs have never been dosed or treated. They have just been sucking on their mothers, and are now being weaned.

They received some funding to buy plant material and fencing and so on, and are going to have a planting festival where they are going to invite lots of people to stay on the farm and help with planting. It will eventually include a lot of bee fodder, and there will also be hives once the stuff starts growing. The idea is that that is excluded from grazing so that it will become like a forest sort of area. They are going to plant Pecan nuts and figs and then gradually adding production trees and will eventually run a chicken flock here.

Maringas, Jahobas and date palms will be planted in the swale. The mound will become a combination of shrubs, herbs and flowers for bee fodder and bio diversity. In the end, they hope to have a shallow water in the furrow which will then host waterblommetjies, and will use clay to line it. The sacred grove has been identified as an energy spot on the farm, and have made a number of attempts to establish trees there and also bury the biodynamic preparations.

They are now waiting for the rain to do the planting. We are shown the seedlings and saplings that will be planted out which are being hardened off and acclimatised.

The idea is that if they have too much water which they do occasionally have, that it would then drain into the river, which will also help in waterlogged years to drain the land, but in normal years the idea is to conserve the water.

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