The team visits Deidre Loubser, one of South Africa’s top Project Management Lecturers. Project Management is very important for people who are planning to utilise the knowledge that they’re getting from all the other lectures in order to save the planet because it is the essentials for anything to happen.

“Today we are talking about different kinds of projects, and just to brief you a little about just how to approach a project. A project without a deadline, cannot be a successful project, because typically if you just start talking about labour, and people just want to work forever because there is a mentality; productivity means money. So if I can extend my project, it means I am going to earn more money. So indeed, what happens? Your productivity per day goes way down.

There are various stakeholders involved. Who are the most important stakeholders here? Who can make this happen? Who can help to create a sense of urgency? So typically, get the stakeholders around the table and create that urgency. I said that the coffee shop is going to open, and I’m going to coincide that with tourism and it would have been so perfect to get the ladies of the town together.

So that is just a project within a larger project. That’s why I’m trying to tell you that you can never just talk about one project because there are various sub-projects. The one project was the construction. There were so many things that happened. There are two rooms at the back. Every room got an on suite. The whole kitchen; all cupboards were ripped out and replaced with new cupboards. There are things you have to think about upfront.

Upfront planning is very important, and upfront planning comes typically from traditional project management where you have your linear processes …. “

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