“This morning we spoke about the principles and methodologies in project management. I’ve also spoken about the fact that there is going to be a  paradigm shift. In there near future, you will probably see in all kinds of courses, a shift away from the linear processes to a more hybrid approach that brings the agility to a project, really because we are doing so many different business projects. You have to understand that projects and project management is rather quite new in business, and has only been around since the 1980’s by the way, when we printed the Project Management Body of Knowledge.

So we have now had a lengthy discussion over the tools and techniques, and I think we should just stand still, and move to a more practical side of Project Management, which we have discussed just now in terms of; When we look at a farm, This is Bointjies river, Witsenberg Guest Farm. And we just started to brainstorm. How do we go about from the start of the project with all these mini projects, how do we go about to actually create, what was created today? So we are going to speak to the master, and ask the master, how did he plan this project from its infancy, to where it is today.

We bought this farm to come and play around here on weekends. Then I said to myself, “rather build a house, with the garage next door.” Then a friend said to me, “But where must I stay to come and visit you”, so I decided to make the garage building another house, and then I decided to just carry on. We built without the necessary plans and had to pay for fines, etc… etc… It’s easier to pay the penalties later on than to wait for the plans to be approved.”

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