Organic Fruit farming 1 with Michael Prevost

Michael is an organic fruit farmer who has retired and leaves a big gap in the organic fruit market as he used to produce most of the organic apples and pears in South Africa.

He describes how when he started on the farm, conventional methods of farming ie using fertilizers and pesticides had been the practice and so it took a while for his farm to be p[roductive as he had to work out the toxins from the sprays that had been used and build up the soil. Conventional farming is rather like hydroponics where the soil is regarded just as a means of holding the plant up. In organic farming the soil becomes alive and microbes in the soil come alive. The yields that he got once his soils recovered were at least equal to the conventional farms and the taste and nutrient content was far higher in the organic farm.

He says that if we do not build colonies of micro-organisms in the top 15 cm’s of soil, mankind will not survive… He describes how he builds up the soil and how he makes a compost heap adding volcanic dust and ground up seaweed and concentrated micro-organisms and fresh poop from animals. By the next morning, the compost heap was alive and then add clay so that the micro-organisms infuse the nutrients to the soil.

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