It took 4 years to become organically certified. Once your soil has become a living soil, you just have to maintain it for the fertility to remain high in your sales. Young mothers were grateful to have organic fruit without chemicals for their children.  Each chemical has its own toxicology tested, but conventional farmers spray tank loads of chemicals and it has a knock on effect.

You need to establish markets for your fruit.

You cannot put too much compost because the more compost the more microbes in the soil. People sell compost in plastic sacks and this worries Michael because compost is living. It sits out I the sun without air. He thinks it kills compost. Sbonelo asks him how he chooses the price and he says he chose it. The multiples he talks about are the chain stores. There is no organic apples and pears in South Africa and he thinks it is a problem so for health we need organic fruit.

Michael doubts that the whole world would ever grow only organic fruit because it is such a shift in management and he thinks when one is using managers you can drive it with your heart. SDpray drift from other farms affects your organic farm. With the wind, poisons travel far in the air. Could we supply the whole of SA asks Liam? The market is there Mike believes and that 2 or 3 farms like Michaels were could supply the whole country. He was supplying 2 tons a week to Namibia.

Michael thinks about 6 farms of his size could supply the whole country with organic fruit.

Unfortunately, most people farm the same method as their fathers. Possibly also because they also are scared that they could go bankrupt by starting something new.

The most fertile soil is the soil where the micro-organisms are working flat out. He was told this by his lecturer in university although the agricultural colleges are not normally allowed to say that because they are sponsored by the chemical companies.

The chemical companies train the agricultural students to become the customers when they start farming. Michael thinks there is a lot of misinformation. With conventional farming, you apply a poison and by morning all the bugs were dead. In organic, it takes longer because control of pests by organic means is slower to take effect. The poisonous fruit has no blemishes but is toxic.

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