The team visits Luke ABoshier an activist o food security and an expert on permaculture and other fields influencing food production.

He is despondent about what is happening with the press that is in favour of change being attacked by media intent on perpetuating the current system. He says We don’t produce any more food and we blame the drought. Old MacDonald died a long time ago and is replaced by an agribusiness that is based on profit at the expense of the next generations. The answers are all around us because Nature presents us with them all the time. Nature is the leveller. She thinks everybody can be abundant but the powers that be think otherwise. They want control. We don’t have the leadership to navigate through that.

We don’t produce food because our agribusiness is flawed. The social implications of that are playing themselves out all the time. =the war is in the supermarkets. That is debt.

It is because of the condition of our soil. The soil does not hold the nutrients anymore. We don’t have topsoil anymore. The chemicals applied to crops are finding their way into our water table and poisoning it.

What do we do? Decentralise.Those who do a localised market economy will survive.

People have taken to grow dagga. There in Stanford, they are sitting on the world second largest aquifer but there are too many people living there. Where we should be growing food we are not – the Transkei. Not even the Khoi San could live here more than 4 months.

People are always in traffic. We are slaves to a broken system. We sit for hours in a car to get to a job. Even if we produce relatively healthy food, we sell it and take the money and go and buy shit. 30% is the food bill. Take the 30% and grow food and spend the time with your kids. We put our kids into centres of conditioning called schools.

The soils are so dead. They have been “chemigated”. The soil is just holding the plants up. The plants are molitov cocktails of chemicals – not food. The ANC wants to take the land back. The best land is in the Transkei. You can’t blame the politicians because they are just snakes and they are doing what snakes do. You can’t blame the banksters because they are just crooks and they are doing what they do. You must decide what you are.

In the Transkei, no one was growing anything. The government gives money so it is just a nanny state.

He has concentrated on carbon. If we get carbon back into the soil, the microbes will come back.

The chemical companies when crops fail just say Spray more and we will give you more credit and hold more of your land as security. FNB is the biggest bond holder of agri land but it mostly dead land holding roots of agribusiness. If they wanted the value of what they hold to be substantiated., they should roll out a rehabilitation plan which would cost about R16 000 per hectare which would increase the value of the land which they are holding.  No one is angry enough here. Zuma wins again and again. We eat too many lentils. We need to get upset.

How can you respect old people who destroyed the chances of our children having a future.

You have to be conscious of what you put in your own mouth.

We eat a lot nowadays because there is too little nutrients in our food and it keeps us hungry.

You need to have your food and shelter up to you. You need good food for brain activity. We are not feeding them enough food to put thought patterns together.

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