Jason Sole: Whenever I talk about solar energy, I like to ask what you guys know about energy and how electricity is made. Do any of you at the moment know how electricity is made?

Bululani Godla: Actually I do have some superficial knowledge. We have the coal and we have the water. If I talk about the coal it is burning the coal and using the coal to turn some engines and then the electricity is generated and then it is like carried to…

Jason: But do you know how the electricity is generated?

Liam MacFarlane: Energy can’t be destroyed or created, it is just converted from one form to the other. I don’t know how they convert it specifically. I just know that there are various forms. There is nuclear, solar, hydro and various forms.

Jacky Wilson: I actually have a statement to make about your atoms. If they are rubbing against each other at whatever rate, your friction rate creates energy.

Jason: It is, but friction is slightly different. Who in school ever did the experiment to make the light bulb come on. Tell me what you know about that.

Jacky: You need a current and a closed circuit.

Jason: And how did you actually make the electricity? A battery is a type of electricity, a type of current which is called DC, direct current. What we are referring to here is alternating current. That’s the stuff that runs your house. If you remember, you were quite correct in a way, but you don’t really understand the mechanism of how energy is made. So all electricity that is in your house for argument’s sake, is what is called alternating current. Does anyone know why it is called alternating current? This is like basic school stuff.


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