Jason:  Let’s do a recap because I know you guys love recapping. Who knows how a battery works? Chemical energy. What else uses chemical energy? What powers your brain? Electrochemical energy. You are a chemical energy generator. You break down food and utilise energy. It’s very important for whatever you’re doing in University of Earth, it’s one thing to sit and look, and listen to things, but what you are actually being told is critical information. And how you digest that information, what you do with that information is completely up to you, but the reality of the matter is that everything you are being told is about how your universe can be constructed, how you can build your world, what makes your world. There are so many mysteries in the world. But you’ve got to understand the basics. Once you grasp the basics, the fundamental rules behind all things, and what it does, is it frees you to look at things differently. Once you know how a battery works, it has two separate kinds of plates, a chemical corrodes the plates, cause an electrochemical reaction,  creates DC power, goes into a system, that power is converted, the waveform is changed into alternating current. We use a thing called an inverter, to invert that current from a DC-based power system to an AC power system so that we can use it inside of our homes.

What is important to understand in everything that you have learned so far, is that once you understand the basic principles of all things, your mind is able to look at something and go, “Hang on, something is wrong here”, and you can look at how to change something.

Too often, like this morning, I briefly had the opportunity to listen to Jacky as queen of the world…


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