Jason: Are there any questions?

Jacky: Do solar panels have to be that color?

Jason: There is a technology called third-generation nano, as I’ve said, there are many variations of solar panels that are happening. You get solar panels that you can select the degree of transparency. So you can say you need 60%, 10%, 5%, 1% or whatever. You can generate solar and that’s new technologies that are emerging on a daily basis. Facade of a building. When you’re driving into Cape Town and you see all the big shiny glass on the front of buildings, that’s a facade. The big shiny junk. At the end of the day, they are introducing new panel systems that are merged with those systems, which means that as sunlight hits a building, that building creates energy merely through its facade. It produces energy. And that is what it does, it allows sunlight through it.

I was called in to size up a system for the waterfront here locally. They wanted to have a dome, wanted the dome to be see-through, they were coming up with various options, but the solution for them was third generation nano ultimately. It allowed the sunlight to come through and be the sunlight they were looking for, while at the same time generating solar power. Ultimately got pushed off on costs because nobody really wants to spend money anymore. They just like to say they are green and not really be green. This is a big problem that we have with the world at large, but we will fix it.

In terms of carbon, carbon is measured in parts per million and this is basic climate change stuff. As we already know, we are sitting on 400 parts per million and carbon itself has a forcing effect in terms of the atmosphere…

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