John Adams – Marine Engineer:

I’m a marine engineer by trade. I work on supertankers and I work on passenger liners. As you see behind me, these are trawlers which are smaller than the capacity that I work on and we are six months to a year away from home, and the pollution that is happening on any ship that we come across is basically from the engine room, rags, cloths, dirty diesel that gets disposed. Once the tank is full it gets put into the sea and it is really affecting the fishes lives out at sea. We take on heavy fuel, about 200 to 300 thousand litres and that is to cover generators and then we have either, which all depends on what motors they are. It could be Deutch, Lister, V6’s, V12’s which they do up to 15 to 20 knots, and the whole issue of sailing and that, it’s a beautiful experience, but the pollution from the ships, the plastic bags, the dishwater. Everything after two or three weeks get’s disposed of in the sea. There is a law as was mentioned before, but the ships do not abide by that. They can’t detect any boat or they can’t prove it. It’s happened, I’ve seen it, I’ve witnessed it, that they have disposed of. Even whales and sea life that they find dying in the ocean when they cut open the stomach’s, there’s no food in the system. There are plastic bags, and it clogs up their whole system.

One of these days we are not going to have enough fish in the sea or any animal or mammal in the sea because of this pollution.

Jacky: You said something earlier about when they cut open these mammals?

John Adams: They are finding plastics, there is no food in their stomachs…


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