In this university of the earth video we have an entirely different focus but still along the lines of health and goodness. With Yoga and good food being the main focus, it is clear that to live a clean life and be mentally and physically fit you must do regular exercise and put only the best nutrients into your body.

If the acid content of the blood becomes excessive, this upsets the heart, liver and kidneys. In the heart, acidity increases the thickness and viscosity of the blood, making circulation more difficult and indirectly weakening the heart. In the liver, excess acidity requires more work to detoxify and clean the blood and the liver therefore becomes weak. Because glycogen is made and stored primarily in the cells of the liver, someone with a weak liver will feel weak and have less energy. In the kidneys, acidity increases the different waste materials found in the urine sediment, which can lead to kidney stones.

This is just some of the excellent nutritional knowledge we learn in this video but we also get to see some brilliant yoga exercises you can complete at home or where ever you can lay a towel. Be sure to watch this video and even follow the exercises for a real tangible difference to your day. There has always been a historical connection between mindfulness, health and yoga along with nutrition. To be at peace with yourself is to truly master yourself and be the best person you can be. A little yoga in the day can do nothing but good for you so let that be the one thing that you take from this video if you only take one thing.


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