In this video, we learn a lot along the road as we travel from Groenfontein to an Ostrich farm.

We come across a vast area of bare soil, which will result in a massive soil loss when the rain arrives. It causes a constant loss of water through capillary action. The tillage lines also go down the slope preventing any water from sinking when it does rain. Farmers are the cause of the breakdown in the water cycle.  John discusses subdividing the land to prevent overgrazing. We also see the impact of overgrazing. We are taught why the leaves of trees that aren’t close to water have smaller leaves.

We come across a dam and an area of erosion. The farmer is having to excavate the soil build up in his dam from the soil runoff because of the erosion. Then we encounter a bare piece of land that is having what is referred to as flood irrigation and discuss the damage it causes. John gives us an introduction to crystals and how they were formed.

The students then give their feedback as to how they are enjoying the learning so far, and how it is so much better than what and how they learned at school. They then come across an ostrich farm which they discuss in depth.


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