Day 5 of the University of Earth’s trip, and we rose early to make the long distance between Joubertina and the Murraisburg area farm. John tells us how the chickens love the home baked ground flour. Chickens are far from bird brains. They make sense of the environment at top speed and it is very difficult to take a close up of a chickens face. The way the chickens are raised here is the way chickens should be raised. Nowadays, very few chickens are very lucky to live like this. The majority of them live in a tiny cage. No bigger than an A4 sheet of paper, with their feet pressed into the wire and last only 6 weeks before they are slaughtered.

Along the way, the team comes across a very powerful plant that is used for medicine.

We come across an apple orchid. They are almost all done for export. Desertification is happening at the base of the trees after the herbicide. There is a very grey strip along the apples. Apple trees thrive when having a community of trees at their base, although it is true that apple trees don’t like grass, there are money other broadleaf plants. The trees have also been sprayed with fungicides and insecticides.

We come across a herd of cows that have been dipped for insecticides. Instead of insecticides, John recommends breeding a herd that is resistant to ticks. What is very striking is there are no birds.

John also discusses:

  • The production of apples for the oriental market
  • Apples and Fungicide
  • A river still flowing in the midst of a drought
  • Working for water


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