The University of Earth team had a long day, driving that morning early from Joubertina. The ewe pregnancy testing was closing up now. The team drifted outside. This was a work packed day on the farm. It was 4 p.m. The ewes had only just finished being tested and already they now began to pregnancy test the cows. This was a totally different experience.

What the pregnancy tester is doing, is inserting his hand all the way down the cows’ anus, until the uterus is below his hand and feels for a fetus. He can feel anything from a wall nut size to 30 kgs. Sometime’s there is a calf the size of a German shepherd.

The team then discusses what they witnessed.

Liam’s feedback from the day:

What we’ve seen today is the animals being checked if they are pregnant or not. Both the sheep and the cows. It’s a process that needs to happen, to determine whether the animals are pregnant or not, and feel that they could do it in a much more humane way, instead of freaking the animals out as they are doing. They need to do it without harming the animals because there was blood where some of the sheep were walking. It’s done in such a way because of mass production. The cows were being taken one side for the auction were not pregnant and the farmer was keeping the pregnant cows for breeding.

Bululani and Nicole then give their feedback as well.



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