In what I’m saying about Africa, I want to say it in true historical terminology, because we have lots of artificial terminologies, created in recent years.
The Khung are the oldest people that we know, south of the equator in Africa. It is possible that they lived all the way to Ethiopia and Sudan, but we don’t have records about them from there, but we do have from south of the Zambesi.

They were simply hunters and gatherers. They had basically only three instruments. One was the single bow, which didn’t shoot very far and for this reason, they had to use poison and that’s why they were successful hunters. Even large animals were poisoned and they had to follow them until the animal succumbed. They lived this life all over South Africa, certainly, South of the Limpopo, 3000 years before the present and this would be Khung land. There was nobody else basically.

How is it that the new tribe of people landed here? Where are the Khena people from. Sired by Indian men and bushmen woman. So they are indigenous people. We cannot call them immigrants. They have genes of Indian people and none of them were born outside of South Africa. They are one hundred percent natives. They meshed themselves into the existing Kung or bushman, but we must remember that they were produced by men who were civilised, and people who had religion and new writings in their home country. They were traders and knew how to navigate. They brought a culture that was very different from the local woman. Most of the traders were young men as it was not easy, whether it was overland or by sea, and only healthy men survived. There was a tremendous amount of lost men on Indian ships just as we know with the Portuguese who went on the same journeys and lost a tremendous amount of men.


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