John: I’ve often got the question that people want to start plants at home and how do you go about it. There are a lot of issues involved actually, and there’s often a fear which is one of the things that is heard and a notion if you like that people are having difficulties with this operation. And I’m not surprised because it is really involves quite a lot of skill. We are sitting here on a very improvised situation, but I think our decision today is to show that even under the most improvised situations, you can go ahead and create a habitat for plants. Ideally, in most serious operations, a nursery is design, a special place where you try and create all the optimum conditions for plant growth. So here we have a situation, typical of many gardens, it is exposed to the wind and far from ideal, but let.s just look at the one component that I think is one of the biggest issues for a home gardener is to establish a pot with plants. The most critical thing about a pot is having drainage holes and aeration holes in your pot. If there are not, which is a common problem,  you get water logging, anearobic conditions and that will leave to failure in growing most things. You can put your own holes in, either using a simple tool and punching in. Ideally a drill is better if you have a drill. These holes are perhaps a little bit large, and don’t have to be quite as large as this.

Now what I have found is quite critical in setting up a pot, is the first stage, to put loose stones and gravel at the bottom of the pot. At the base of your pot, you need to have a handful ….

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