Bululani: What plants can withstand to be planted directly outside on the ground which doesn’t need necessary conditions?

John: That is a good question and an area we are going to look at shortly. There would be a whole lot of plants. One of the fundamentals in permaculture is to know your elements, and there would be a whole variety of plants, that would definitely be better to put straight in the ground. If we were to have some examples. This is the common swiss chard. This plant for me makes sense. Straight in the ground in a situation.

What we’ve been looking at this morning is a small scale home situation where there is limited space and unavailable ground. So where you have ground, there would be a whole lot of crops and plants that will be better established directly where they are going to grow. A common example would be swiss chard spinach. It would definitely make sense to put it straight in the ground where you want it to grow, although it could and i can show you an example for a home garden being set up in a pot. Let’s have a look at the example. So here we have a sequence. This is a home pot for home consumption of spinach. A couple of the questions we have had pertain to a pot like this. I may add that we have already had three or four meals from this pot. You can actually see that there has been harvesting here of spinach already from the plants. For a home gardener that doesn’t have soil or unsuitable soil, which is what we have with one of our participants with a very rocky environment, one has to look at the option of creating a little bit of black gold in a pot.

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