Judy: Plants have a need for certain temperatures. Why?

John: Germination on plants is very temperature dependent in many cases. I don’t have any summer season plants here. The example that was requested earlier of a chili. A chili requires a minimum of 16 Degrees Celsius, more like 18 to 20 to germinate satisfactorily. So the bare minimum would be 16 Degrees celsius. Whereas you have other seeds that do not thrive on the higher temperatures. Generally speaking, I think it is important to be economical with seeds. This is a form of biological capital. I’ve mentioned already that something like this is very expensive. The Kale for example, at the present, unless you get your own seeds running, I mean here we have an example. This particular variety of Kale is a special Italian variety and the seeds were fairly expensive, whereas, sitting in this jar is another type of Kale, and you can see I have a great heavy duty sample of the seeds and I can afford to be more liberal with the seeds. If you like, I’m sitting on a surplus. However, I would only use these liberally if I was using them as microgreens. If I was establishing them as plants like this, I would follow actually the same procedure and know that I have a good reserve of seeds. If you are in a very small situation, it’s not easy to get such a big sample of seeds. This comes from a situation where we had a large garden and were able to focus on seed production in a more serious manner.

Bululani: What are microgreens?

It’s become very popular in restaurants. It’s usually a tray filled with the growing medium, usually this coco peat that is packed full of seeds, and the seeds are allowed to germinate to two centimetres…

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