What is a healthy breakfast?

What happens overnight, while we are sleeping, a lot of minerals and nutrients are made available, for doing what we are meant to be doing overnight, which is detoxing, spring cleaning and building tissue and muscle. Although those processes do happen during the day, they don’t happen to as great an extent, and the reason for that is because we are doing everything else. The reason we wake up in the morning is that after a certain length of time, our bodies have pretty much used all the available nutrients to do what it was meant to be doing. Our blood sugar is low when we wake up in the morning.

Unfortunately, cereal and dairy don’t do it. First of all; many of us are lactose intolerant. Unless you are using organic milk, you are consuming herbicides, pesticides, hormones and antibiotics etc..

Fruit is high in sugar.

So we need a good protein, a good fat and some good fiber. This is basically what we should do for any meal, but especially breakfast.

Eggs are a great source of protein.


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