John asks a question: “Having worked in agriculture, and aware of the poor husbandry associated with grains, however, there are, and maybe it leads to a sense in your next topic of ferments and other things we do. Grains, historically, have been such an integral part of all cultures, albeit it in a totally different form to our modern arrangement and availability, where the is a product which is highly toxic. Especially when we are eating something that is so highly processed, it is a stress on the body which is actually a nutrient drain. So we are eating all these sponges that are depleting us. However, grain has unique properties as a food, and personally, I feel that it has a context and I hate scapegoats for issues. For example, even something like diabetes; is the cereal the scapegoat, or it’s another factor in the cereal production that is the factor. Firstly genetically modified grain. If you have a genetically modified grain, it’s going to have a relationship with your intricate digestive system, and it’s that presence of that material, which is looking like a fairly elaborate story, that is doing the depletion and it actually responsible for diabetes. Overlaid with that is something like herbicide production, and attached to those molecules, are complex organic matters; ie poisons. So is it those things that operate at 6 parts per million and sometimes less that is causing diabetes or is it the cereal?

Beatrice provides a brilliant answer and discusses the following:

  • Fermented foods
  • Maintaining Micro Biota
  • Protecting the Immune System
  • Faecal Transplant
  • Aluminium cooking products and glad wrap
  • Zinc
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