Groenfontein Flora and Fauna

A lesson with John Turner

Rudolph Steiner hits on a very important thing, in his understanding of a person’s development and growth. So what he puts forward is the notion that when you are born, that very early stage of your life from birth, to maybe 2 or 3 years old… Your whole consciousness is in a sense, if summarised, “Absorbing the Spirit of a Place.” As a baby takes in all the elemental energies or the “Spirit of a Place”. For example, a baby born on the location of this video hears the song of birds in the morning, which us adults tend to forget about, is the music of the birds. Another way John puts it is the music of the molecules, those subliminal energy things. So if you are nurtured in an African context, where the Spirit of Place is African, somehow, that is part of you, of your life experience. And although we lose our consciousness in growing up, if you really meditate deep, you can draw on the Wisdom. Steiner says we absorb the wisdom and often the history of the place.

John speaks about relaxing and breathing the ambiance of a place and being still.

The students are then asked what they think about what John had to say.


It’s very important to find the still because there is a constant need or agenda to always rush around and to actually just find that stillness for just a brief moment, even if it’s in your own home, or walk somewhere where you can. Not everyone gets the opportunity to come to a place like this and experience what we have. Just to take a moment to relax because it also takes a toll on your health as well when you are constantly rushing, stressing and pressuring yourself, and people wonder why they are constantly getting sick. If we just take a moment to breathe, it could benefit everyone.


Stress is one of the leading causes of disease and mental issues because it evolves from stress. So yes, it is very important to relax, and as John says, to take the beauty in and be still.


It feels so great to be here in this relaxed natural environment. We’ve seen the damages of industrialism and the money economy, and now we are here, everything is working in harmony and people are relaxed


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