John introduces us to English Lavender and it benefits. The Kei apple tree is then discussed and how it is used as a fence with its thorns and that it also produces fruit.

The students are then taken on a game reserve drive where all the buildings are off the grid. They use solar panels for hot water and electricity. The water is sourced from the mountain. John speaks about the attachment that plants have with humans, in that each of those plants which are referred to in permaculture as multipurpose plants.

The issue of alien wattle trees is discussed. It was introduced in this country for financial reasons if one really follows the logic. Money as a resource. In the old days, people used to use what John calls, “Solar Dollars – The wealth of materials”. Wattle is an extraordinary pioneer plant, a powerful nitrogen-fixing tree that can rival our local Acacia Karoo tree.

Then we are told about the casuarina tree which is involved in the phosphate cycle. and Silica is discussed in depth. It is a bio-accumulator that provides amazing mulch. Using the different alien trees that were introduced into South Africa for building is discussed also.

Judy discusses how all animals should be treated.

Donkey skins are being exported to China from which gelatine is being extracted which has reduced that donkey population.

The team then go on a game drive and discuss the landscape.

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