We start off with Judy telling us what the project is all about, followed by questions and answers. “I think I’m not alone, in seeing the state of what the world has got to, even since a young girl, has completely changed. Whereas before, even since a young girl, most people stood a chance of growing up, having a family, being buried under a tree, that somebody would one day be there to view the gravestone that’s gone, that’s gone. The possibilities are very very strong, that with all the things that I have been studying, I could see, even when I was 19 years old, I could see that we were making a lot of big mistakes. Making mistakes with the way we use water, we are making mistakes with the way we are making poisons. And I didn’t understand then, as much as I now know. The final breakthrough came when I read a book called 5000 days to save the planet, cause I’m actually a teacher of all the subjects, except Afrikaans and woodwork. And In that time I had found out, that the whole way we interact with the ecosystems, and how they worked. Now I had already, being a teacher of geography and biology, I knew a lot of it, so what was different was that it put it together, and when you look at it together, then you see the shock that the whole world is making a big mistake. Making a big mistake with the systems. Because what they are doing when they are studying chemistry or making chemicals, for example, the chemist decides how much can I put into this chemical that won’t kill 50 rats of the 100. And then they make this product and put it into the environment and everybody uses it…

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